Ask a Survivalist.

Planning an adventure travel trip and have questions? Not sure how to start learning survival skills? Want to know how to explore the world on a budget? Looking for tips on a specific skill you’ve been working on?

This is your chance to ask the advice of an expert survivalist. From primitive survival skills, ethnobotany, and hunting to adventure, travel tips, and ways to change your life for the better, a conversation with one of the best in the industry can mean the difference between success and failure.

Laura is an experienced hunter, hiker, outdoorswoman, nomad, and adventurer with 15 years of hands-on primitive survival experience in every ecosystem around the world. From jungles to deserts to cites and everything between, she has dedicated thousands of hours to dirt-time and real world experience traveling to some of the most remote places on earth to test the limits of her knowledge and become one of the most well-rounded survival experts on the planet. Through years of putting herself in intense life-or-death situations, Laura has demonstrated that her motto “The greater the need, the greater the result” has served her well – by not just talking the talk, but by actually living these skills, she has proven a level of mastery that goes beyond theory and can be counted on in the toughest of situations.

Available on Skype or phone, expect a one-on-one conversation where you can pick Laura’s brain and explore the vast possibilities of adventure that lie ahead.


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Not sure how to travel on a budget? Plan an off-the-grid travel adventure? Or just wondering how to find adventure in every day?


Wondering how to start the journey of becoming a primitive survival expert? Have a specific skill you’re stuck on? Want to learn what you should do in an emergency to meet your own needs?


Ever want to learn how to use the plants around you to make food, shelter, building materials, and functional art? Want to get into wild foraging? Want to see your backyard, the local park, or even an abandoned city lot through different eyes?


New to traditional bowhunting or bow building? Ready to take the first steps of hunting to fill your freezer but not sure how to start? Ever wondered if persistence hunting is physically possible?

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Primitive survivalist, hunter, nomad.

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